About me

I've been developing websites and web systems for well over a decade and have been employed by some of Perth's most prominent Web Development Companies. I've been a part of a team, lead a team and ran my own business for years. I know what it takes to develop a website from the design phase, development phase through to launch. While running my own business I've helped companies with their processes and procedures, the case of the missing scoping document is something I have helped solve many times.

My first job at Platform Interactive saw me quickly rise from code monkey to Team Leader, mentoring junior members, scheduling tasks and assigning projects to the right staff members while ensuring deadlines were met.

At Webarena we aimed for websites to be built rapidly each day – my record was 3 cutup and implemented. My duties started with cutting up designs and implementing them into Webarena’s custom built content management system then evolved into developing new modules and extending the functionality of the CMS.

Running my own freelance business has seen me work with clients in the USA, the UK, New Zealand and most states of Australia. Whether it was Web Development companies, Marketing Agencies or other freelancers I've been there to help in any capacity I can. The past decade has taught me how to analyse systems, people and procedures to seek out areas for improvement and is what I enjoy most.

Recently I developed my own Project Management web service, from concept through to launch, only outsourcing the system administration to a local trusted 3rd party. The entire process was made possible by the culmination of a decade’s worth of experience and skill development.

About my clients

The clients that I primarily work for are Web Design Agencies in need of development services such as Content Management System implementation and custom application development. I also work with other Web Development companies and freelancers very regularly.